Private Retreat Opportunity on Maui



I have recently moved from Beautiful Kauai to Magnificent Maui and am delighted to let you know that there is an opportunity for a private retreat that has unexpectedly opened RIGHT NOW and until the end of April.

If you happen to be the one who has been calling in such a retreat opportunity,  perhaps this is the coming together of our combined visions and intentions.

I was not expecting to be available to do retreats this soon after my own move, however, spirit has done its magic and set things up in an effortless way.

Here is some information about the Zen Villa Retreat House that is waiting for you in sunny, warm Wailea in south Maui and also a description of my private and semi private retreats.

The Wailea Zen Villa is a beautiful retreat home that unexpectedly has a rare opening.

The space is available for you to come and just BE on your own and if you have been looking for a supportive guide to help you gain the most benefit from your retreat time, I am happy and delighted to create a custom experience to match your wishes and heart's desires.
Retreats with Grace

I am a life long mystic, spiritual guide and empathic, intuitive, tuning fork.  As I attend to my own  communion with the divine,  I invite you to a field that exists out beyond ideas of right doing and wrongdoing.  As Rumi would say... "I will meet you there."

For me this is the place of grace.  Where all our steadfast efforts to live consciously are magically and mysteriously uplifted, we are restored to our original nature as Oneness and life becomes a flow of ease, lightness and joyous fulfillment.

My retreats are offered as a place of safety, sanctuary and inspiration where together we create a unique blend of experiences that support you in what ever healing, renewal, and quantum change you are seeking in your self and your life. You are invited to come on your own or with a loved one.

Retreats are available from three to thirty days.  We will spend from four to six hours a day together in a yummy fusion of inner practices, ceremony, play, movement, building conscious life skills, and allowing the magic of nature to guide and dispense its abundant blessings upon you and your retreat experience.  The alchemy of our relationship, your relationship with your self and the presence of spirit all work together to create a chamber capable of transmuting the ore of your life into pure gold.

There is plenty of time to also rest and integrate your retreat learnings.  Follow up after your retreat will support you in ensuring that your breakthroughs and shifts are translated into the fabric of your life, allowing you to go forward with the quiet ease and light hearted presence of grace guiding you every step of the way.

Please contact me at or 808 212 8694  for further information.

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  1. Retreats with Grace are a wonderful experience with lots of love and grace. Rosalyn