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The purpose of any meditation practice is to bring us into a state of grace, not just during our time of formal practice but through out the infinite moments of our day.

Each class includes instruction, guided meditation and custom mentoring to support you in maintaining your focused awareness and heart centered connection in all aspects of your life.
       ·      Strengthen your “calm assertive” mastery with the ego mind
       ·      Utilize the power of the breath to resolve mental, emotional, physical distress
       ·      Stabilize in the central core of your being even while fully engaged in your life activities.
       ·      Access the wisdom and compassion of the deep heart to hold and guide you through all
           challenges and decisions.
       ·      Open to the gift of grace that allows life to unfold in ease, joy and magical synchronicity

Grace MacLeod is a master teacher of meditation and conscious lifestlyle practices.
She is a former senior faculty of Kripalu Yoga and Health Center, and Kripalu Leadership Center.  For the past thirty- five years, Grace has taught and facilitated hundreds of people through out North America in both the private and business world to live conscious, centered lives.  From her own practice she has received the invitation to allow her life to unfold by grace and to live as God’s grace in the world. It is her passion and purpose to support you in your practice of attunement to Self and Source and in having a grace filled life as well.  Classes are available in person on Maui, by reservation in your area, and by phone and skype.  Contact me for group class schedule.

808 212 8694                                                                                

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  1. Beautiful page, Grace. Blessings to you in all of your endeavors and adventures.