Eight week class  April 16 - May 28  2013
                                                        9- 10 am Hawaii time *

Please join us for this yummy guided meditation class.  This is what I like to call soft meditation.

 It is breath, awareness and energy based so it can be done lying down or seated.  The focus is on accepting all aspects of your experience and learning to open your consciousness to the greater self and source.  While all meditation does occur through strengthening the ability to focus the mind, it also is about softening into the body and the heart, where the miracle of grace dwells.  Grace is that state where all effort is dissolved and we find ourselves lifted, blessed and "home" in our natural state of
ease, flow and oneness.

We will have some initial time to hear from everyone what their specific intentions and requests are
for enhancing their practice.
There will be a short teaching segment focusing on some of the distinctions and aspects of meditation and accessing the state of grace.
We will join together in a guided meditation based on your intentions and input.
We will close with sharing, questions and answers, and suggestions for practicing during the week.

The sessions will be recorded and you will be able to access the recordings and save them as mp3 files to use ongoingly.

* Connect around the world with kindred spirits while staying tucked in your own safe space at home.            * Receive some light beams and aloha from Hawaii - no plane travel or jet lag required.
* Benefit from specific coaching to enhance your own graceful living practice.
* Enjoy an increased ability to integrate all your life experiences and manifest your heart's desires.

  We will connect through a free conference call program that only requires that you are able to make a call to the United States. (if you are  If you are outside the US and a  telephone call is not possible,  please let me know and we can also do an alternative class via skype.

Cost of 8 week class is $144.

Please email to register.  Payment can be made by paypal or check.
Once you are registered, I will send the information needed to make the calls.

* other times options are available.  Contact me to let me know your preferences.

        808 212 8694                                               


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