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Have you ever considered what it would be like to have a benevolent observer in the room with you during your work day or important relationship interactions? Someone ready to give you insight and support in bringing forth your most conscious, fulfilling, and effective expression?

It is commonplace to have a fitness trainer watch you as you learn how to swing a tennis racket, golf club or lift a weight, and help you with the subtle micro movements and attitude changes that will perfect your performance.  Yet when it comes to the other, truly important choices we make during our day, we are often left to our own devises.  All that help at the gym; inspiration from meditation or yoga class;  counseling and coaching sessions can easily slip away and be over taken by invisible thought and emotional habit patterns that lie buried just waiting for some stress to turn them on when we go live in our work and personal arenas. 

Thirty years ago when I was a young, very stressed manager at a large, successful, holistic health center, I was attempting to take care of all my responsibilities as well as the many important relationships in my work place and at home, and was hitting the wall.  I was feeling ready to quit or burst and was given this precious gift of live coaching.

My supervisor, who happened to also be a good friend and dedicated champion of mine, asked if he could sit with me over the course of a week from time to time and help me uncover what was working for me and what was hidden in my way of being and doing that could be brought to awareness through his help.

There was a bit of trepidation about allowing this act of benevolent voyeurism, however, I knew something needed to change.  Here I was, living and working at a place that offered peace and consciousness in all walks of life and I was not walking our talk by any stretch of the imagination.

What was revealed during this reality show was a hidden, limiting belief that was contributing to a sense of compression, ineffective decision making and reactionary communications that, needless to say, where not adding value to my work or my well being, nor anyone else's for that matter.  What we also discovered was that my ability to remain present and connected to my self, my breath, my conscious practices was in need of some refinement.  My effectiveness in holding the posture in the yoga of life that happens off the mat was a tad behind what I was able to experience in the quiet, nurturing space before the day began. Together we explored what were the triggers that knocked me out of connection, what were the habits that were sabotaging my intentions to be the best I could be.

It was all there to be seen by a loving, caring friend, no judgement or criticism, just pure and undiluted mirroring with the insight and intuition that can be offered by another on our behalf when we open ourselves to this kind of intimate and powerful assistance.

My mentor then worked with me to facilitate the healing and inner shifts that allowed me to perceive, experience and connect with myself differently.  As these inner adjustments were made, and deep old programs were replaced with ones that were much more in alignment with the greater truth of who I am.  I was able to see options for external change that had never occurred to me before.  My relief was immediate and my effectiveness and satisfaction went through the roof!!!  

We continued on to my relationship interactions and found more hidden dynamics that were unconsciously blocking the very kind of clear, appreciative connections I was striving for, both at work and in my personal life.

Later in my career, I was learning to be a teacher and facilitator leading programs in self-discovery and personal growth.  I once again was invited into the fish bowl where more mentors observed me live and in action.  I give these special people huge credit in the development of my clarity and potent capacity to manage, facilitate, teach and relate in powerful and deeply effective ways. 

The resultant changes have remained with me over the past three decades. This template of live and in person observation as a way of coaching others has become part of what I offer to both clients and loved ones.  

It is an honor and special privilege to be allowed to witness live and in action and yet there is no more powerful, quick or effective way to detect the unconscious at work and find the gaps between the potential of who you are and what you do and what is coming forth in the details of your life.

Two sayings I draw on in my own life come to mind ... "Love is in the details” and "true traction in the change process happens where the rubber meets the road."

If you are wondering how you can have the fabric of your day, your professional and personal actions and interactions truly be an expression of your best self and highest purpose, please consider some live coaching sessions.

I am available to come to your home or workplace or to watch video taped sessions of you in live action mode.

I am currently offering these live coaching sessions at a discounted rate as I believe passionately in their value and want to make them as available as possible.

Please contact me for details and to schedule your live coaching session.


Grace           gracemacleod8@gmail.com     808 212 8694

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