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Today is the ascension anniversary of my beloved Golden Retriever, Tiger Paws. Two years ago on this day, my soul mate in fur, slipped the bonds of earth consciousness and soared into the realms of light. My nickname for Tiger was Tigey and after his transition I began calling him "Tigey Light"

Last night, as I sat remembering the tender, difficult and yet victorious time of his last night on earth, I wept tears of grief for the suffering we shared at that time and tears of joy for the amazing victory of Tiger's conscious death. He claimed his ultimate freedom by staring down death and claimed his truth "I am one with God".
As I continued my reflections, I both ached and rejoiced as I remembered being his hospice attendant and midwife all at the same time.

( if you would like to hear more about our relationship and this powerful experience, you can follow this link to an interview done by Lilou Mace about Tiger and me and our journey as soul mates. )

Often during these past two years of both grieving and celebrating his freedom, I have scanned the universe to sense where he is. The message that comes back is an immense experience of peace that fills my heart and the words, "he is in the space beyond spaces, the world beyond worlds, resting in the Source. "

One of the metaphors for this "place" of no place, is the Central Sun. Scientists have even discovered that there is a massive black hole where spiritual wisdom keepers point to as the Cosmic Central Sun. Where the worlds of form melt into both nothing and everything, dark black silent emptiness and radiant shining light that exist as one.

Last night, as I once again asked my Tigey, "where are you my beloved? What are you now? You have been my escort through eternity and I affirm that we are together still" I drew a Rune ( a divination system of stones, each with a symbol holding an aspect of consciousness, reflecting back to us a piece of the mystery of all of life)

The rune stone was the one called SOWELO - THE SUN The radiant light that is the source of all blessings of life. The energy and consciousness that simply shines and offers its light to everything, everyone, everywhere. My whole being resounded with a powerful YES!!!! It felt so true and so fitting. For most of this past two years I have felt that Tiger was resting in a type of decompression chamber. A place where that karmic patterning of many incarnations is dissolved and the soul rests before moving onward in the eternal journey of consciousness. As I drew this rune I could feel that this is state that Tiger is in now...
A radiant sun energy shining for all.

My Golden Boy was truly a SUN energy. He was named Tiger Paws by his breeder in honor of his huge paws, yet to me he was a regal lion through and through. In the zodiac, the Lion is the constellation Leo... and is representative of the Sun in our solar system.
When the sunlight would shine on Tiger's amazing golden coat it would light up like filaments of gold and would radiate like a big furry coat of sunshine, warm and golden and just offering its blessings to all who passed by.
In moments like this, I would lay down with my head on his side and feel that I was being bathed in benevolence. Other times while I was laying down, Tiger would come and lay his head on my heart. Again the warmth and love and light of a million suns would feel like it was pouring into my soul.

I went to sleep last night talking to Tigey and saying "Tigey Light, your new name is Sowelo" As the lion heart and golden king that you have always been, it is time to honor who you truly are and where you are. You are sowelo. You are everywhere all at once and your blessings are shared with me and all of us as you continue to shine as you always have."

This morning I awoke, in my tiny little island home here on Kauai. The light was pouring in through the wall of windows that is across from where I sleep. On this day of celebrating freedom and ascension and honoring the light of my loved one,
I glanced up and found my room filled with rainbows, tiny sparkles of multicolored light reflecting through a small crystal hanging in my window. Somehow on this one special day, the sun just happened to be in the very perfect place to move through the crystal into my room and bathe me in light as Tiger had done so so many times before. There was even one bigger rainbow right over the bed where I lay and it shimmered back and forth ( almost like it was wagging it's tail :-) )

I have attempted to create this light show for the past year since hanging the crystal but to no avail. No mater how many adjustments I made in the placement of the crystal, the sun did not reach it. And today, the whole universe aligned and my knowing of Tiger as Sowelo was confirmed in the most delightful way!!!

And so here I am writing about God's Grace in my life yet again, celebrating the magic and miracles that allow such blessings of light and love to flow. My Sowelo friend coming to be with me on this anniversary, assuring me of his golden presence, not only here with me but shining and blessing everyone and everything.

May there be peace in your heart today, dear reader. Whether you can actually see the sun shining where you live, let us all proclaim that most certainly it is there, not just the planetary sun that warms our earth planet but the sunshine that is God's golden love light showering upon us always. May you open to this gift of love that is your birthright and your own true essence.
May you remember that you too are here to be Sowelo and go ahead and let that light of yours shine shine shine!!!!

blessings to one and all


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  1. Wow, Tigey Light's anniversary! What a nice way to follow up on your interview.