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It is spring time here in the northern hemisphere and life is bursting forth all over the place. In my corner of the world, this is most delightfully evident in the broods of tiny, fuzzy chicks scurrying behind their mothers, the wild chickens that Kauai is famous for.
They are so predominant here that the local joke is that they are the state bird. Magnificent orange and florescent green roosters with grand red coxcombs and glistening dark tail feathers, and bold loud voices that unfortunately crow at all hours of the day and night. Their hens, less dashing in plumage but just as bountiful. The wild chickens of Kauai are having their spring chicks and this past weekend, I had fantasies of catching a few to add to an Easter basket that was being made up to take to a brunch gathering.

I am charmed by all baby animals and there is nothing quite so dear as a teeny, weeny infant, just a day old, all yellow, or even black fuzz, chirping and flapping to keep up with the pack and most especially Mom.

With this scene of life springing eternal all around me, I sit to write another message about God's Grace.

Surely the mystery of life is the greatest gift of all that is given to us. We obviously have a hand in activating and sustaining this gift of life, yet it is designed by a force so all encompassing, that it not only thought to create chicks that can scratch for their own food within twenty four hours of being hatched, but planets and stars, galaxies and universes that have sustained themselves for millennium.
And then there is the human being. According to most scriptures, considered God's great masterpiece. I doubt I would provoke much challenge if I were to state that it seems we are not living up to the potential of our design - at least most of us have not for the past 26.000 years or so. What a sad response to the greatest blessing of all time.

There have been ages of enlightenment upon our planet. We have the structures and art work and holy texts of these eras of light and even living elders and shamans that are the keepers of the memories of these more awakened times.
Most of these former civilizations and examples of what it meant to be human also speak about worlds in other dimensions where life exists in much more refined frequencies than those currently inhabiting planet earth. Ancestors from the stars that helped seed the people of the earth with vast capacities and possibilities.

What we hear about in these texts and oracles is that we humans were designed to be gods. Not just some of us to reign over the less evolved masses as is the case in most of the worlds myths, but all of us created with the capacity to ascend into our full awakened, enlightened consciousness, while still remaining in what we call the earthly form.

Our most famous example of this accomplishment in the western world is Jesus - who on Easter Day - came to show the world what god in human form looks like, acts like and lives like - the Christed One.
The feat he accomplished is called ascension - to rise up from a lower form of life to a higher form of life, to even go as far as vanquishing death, becoming divine and yet still walk upon the earth, extending unconditional love to all. ( even the very ones who scorned and crucified him).

What I am here to write about today, on Easter Monday, 2010, is that this process of ascension is now available for all of us.
It is a mind blowing thought!!! I doubt that we will be walking up to our neighbours and friends wreathed in glowing halos with angels by our sides and wings on our feet, however the state of ascension is happening and it is most clearly recognized in the mass shift from fear based consciousness to love, peace and harmony and forgiveness.

In Jesus' time, the culture of the day was in a mightily sorry state, yet his example and vibration of love and unity was powerful enough to change the world forever, and so it is today. Many many many of us are opening to our ascended state and the momentum of these gatherings of light are making their impact all over the world. People all over our globe are choosing love over fear, harmony over hate, and claiming their powers to create heaven on earth.

For a very, very long time the beauty and majesty of what was designed into our DNA, has been lost, hidden, dampened down, turned off. We have been operating on a very diminished operating system and the state of the world and the way we treat ourselves and each other are the obvious reflection of this state.

The most magnificent news is that all that is changing. Our DNA is being turned back on! Our operating system is being upgraded, and much of this is happening by God's Grace.

The process of ascension has mostly only been undertaken by the profoundly committed, serious spiritual aspirants through out the ages and we still, in all our modern history only have a handful of examples of those who have achieved this state of divine human being. Mostly this has been the case because the achievement of ascension has taken supreme effort. To balance and harmonize all human systems to such a state as to shift from separation consciousness to unity consciousness, and to go through the "system upgrades" that can hold this expanded vibration has been the stuff of mystery schools and mastery paths only made available to rare dedicated souls. There even have been great cautions against attempting such practices as the heat and intensity generated by such focused concentration of light has been known to fry the brains of the unprepared.

What is most amazing now is the comprehension that the entire cosmos is being raised up and us along with it. It seems that our beloved creator designed into the works, a time when the entire created world would ascend. The tide of light in the cosmos is rising and all boats in the cosmic ocean are being raised up with it.

It seems that those who track these sort of phenomenon, both the physicists and the psychics and visionaries of our world, are observing galactic events that match those that have been predicted and prophesied for not only twenty six thousand years but perhaps even twenty six million years by the visionaries and wisdom keepers of the ages.

May I suggest that you take a few breaths and open your minds your hearts and your souls, dear readers.... this stuff truly can be boggling but if you relax and sense with the deepest part of you.... you may notice something that stirs in response to this information.

If it is true that we were designed to ascend into gods in human form, and if it is true that our cosmos was designed to vibrate at the level of unity consciousness, then something in us knows that this is true.

It is stunning to think that even after all the mess we have made of our beautiful planet and the eons of struggle and suffering of what it has meant to be human, and perhaps even after millennium of combat between forces of light and dark in our vast universe, that we are approaching a time of "peace through out the kingdom"
And it is being given as a gift.

I would like to share my story of how this gift of ascension has been given to me. Perhaps it will stimulate a willingness to also receive this grace that is washing over our created universe.

As I mentioned in my last message, my path has been one of releasing myself from fear, finding my way to union and then allowing the external aspects of my life to manifest around me as a grace given reflection of this inner shift in consciousness.

For twenty years I have been carrying a small laminated card in my wallet that states my life purpose. It reads:

"I am light, I am love, I am here to live in heaven on earth."

I have diligently and persistently kept the compass of my life focused on this true north and yet have found that there has been an awful lot of what felt like struggle and something that I would call a force field of interference and resistance to the achievement of this purpose.

No mater how many experiences of breakthrough into light and love and heavenly moments I was able to manifest, I have not been able to sustain this into what I would call ascension into "heaven on earth"
Two years ago, after a particularly difficult time of releasing myself from some old entrenched layers of identity that kept me bound to the world of struggle, I found myself in my living room meditating once again on my purpose.

I felt pretty worn out and dismayed at the hope of ever actually experiencing this purpose as a steady state and so mostly my meditation was my foundational practice of " letting go"

Suddenly I felt a sense of great pressure around my body, especially my heart center and even filling up the room around me.

I asked what was happening, knowing by now that I was been visited by the benevolent presence that had been my companion for so long.

Here is what I heard:

"YOU ARE BEING RAISED UP! You have done your part. You have released yourself from your identity in separation.
This is being done for you. Just relax and allow yourself to be lifted. This is your ascension.

and a few moments later ....

"this is your marriage"

It is not possible to express what this experience was like. I was silent for a very, very long time, quiet tears rolling down my face, all the noise and tension and persistent "pressing on" in the direction of my purpose, gone. Just stillness. Walking toward a destiny for so many lifetimes and now at the finish line, the completion offered as a gift. a grace.

(a footnote to those of you would do not know me personally)

I have wanted to be married since I was a little girl. I have been promised in my guidance that it would be given to me but only as I stayed true to my practice of surrender. I have lived five and a half decades as a single person. No matter how determined I was to manifest a husband, the way always blocked! I have lived three decades understanding that I was here creating a state of inner marriage. Activating and joining the archetypes of the conscious feminine and the conscious masculine in union and expanded love.)

Now I was being told I was being married to the divine, that the universe was to be my partner. That all the bounty of heaven was my wedding gift and that all this was being given by grace.

It has taken an awful lot of breathing to open to these blessings.

I am still getting used to the idea of finally being married. I walk in the world as a single person yet my inner records declare that not only am I ascended but I am married to the divine.

As so often happens with radical change, everything that existed before the change is no longer required.

For the past two years my life has been dissolving. It feels like a giant eraser has been placed on the book of my life and has wiped clean the content of the pages. It has only been by this radical dissolution of my old life, that I have been able to confirm the shift that was declared that day. It is one thing to experience ascension in a meditation and to be given it by grace. It is another thing all together to participate in the dissolution of everything that no longer matches who you are while trusting that it is all required to make room for a new life, a whole new world.

( second footnote) be careful what you ask for as it most truly is given!!!!

By Christmas of 09 this dissolution process was complete and I found myself in a void bigger than any I had ever experienced before. I was once again grasped by the back of my pants and placed on Kauai.

"OK!" Now I see!!! heaven on earth, sure enough, every eye full confirms it." Again an experience that is hard to describe.
A sense of having arrived, dropped in to the parallel story of my life. The life I had dreamed of for so long, no interference left, no resistance, no diligent arriving. Old destiny done. Just being in paradise. That's all and that is very much enough!

I have been here now for three months. A blessed time to rest and restore after so much change and admittedly painful letting go. I had not quite realized how deep the cleansing and emptying out would be and I am utterly grateful for this sweet time to rest. I imagine that souls that depart our world also are given this time - a decompression chamber of sorts - to rinse off the scars of living a lifetime in a dense world of fear based suffering. I imagine Jesus' three days in the tomb were a speeded up version of this same process.

Everyone who knows me seems to be urgent to ask: "So what are your plans? what are you going to do now? For once I am in no hurry at all. I find myself trusting. That fear I mentioned in my last message that would grip me in the emptying out times of the past, seems blessedly absent. I find myself replying: " I don't have any plans. I feel such a sense of complete and utter change that I cannot fill in the details, other than to say, it is going to be loving, filled with light and like heaven on earth."

I also find myself saying that it feels like what ever is coming next is going to be dropped in, like an air drop, a complete package of sorts, a whole new operating system. It seems impossible to attend to the details when the whole construct of my life is preparing to be dropped in.

And so now it is Easter once again. Jesus, now the Christ, is out of his cave. His light shines in the world, and for those who have eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts to feel, he is offering a whole new world. And all that is required is that people let go of their fear, open their hearts and enter the kingdom of heaven NOW!

On Easter morning I was meditating and once again, as happened two years ago. I felt a sense of pressure around my heart. A presence of energy asking for entry. I asked what it was and I felt and heard: " A NEW WORLD" "A WHOLE NEW WORLD IS BEING OFFERED, OPEN TO IT"

It has taken the majority of the last two days to open wide enough, to receive this gift. As I do, I feel that I am being given all that I have waited for, prayed for, intended and dreamed of.

It is a world of light and love. It is a place where all of us are welcome in our full and complete glory. There is no restriction to the boundlessness of our original design. We are invited in this world to be the creator gods that we truly are. We are all raised up and we are living in harmony and peace in the bounty of heaven.

Thank you God for the boundlessness of your love. Thank you for your infinite patience. You have given us this chance to learn and live in the soup of contrast. Such dense, dark energy that we imagined we were separate and we have almost destroyed ourselves in the fear that has clouded us.

Thank you for the gift of ascension. For the raising up of the frequency of love at the galactic center. You designed this in the silence before time. It is washing through our cosmos and even if we do not know it, our core structures are changing. We are being rinsed clean of fear and our codes of light are turning back on.

All we have to do is open our hearts and notice that there is a deep, abiding inclination to love that is pulsing more and more strongly. It is our original nature and it is ascending back into its glory. After so much striving and struggling just to survive, it may seem like a fantasy to imagine letting go and melting back into your original nature which is love. Yes it takes commitment to accept and even forgive the travesties of a world shrouded in darkness and fear, yet we are now being offered our original gift once again. We are made of light and the entire formed universe is raising its vibration from heavy density back into light. A vast giant hand is being extended out to us. Inviting us, offering to lift us into a brighter, more beautiful world. We are being dusted off and shaken loose from our contracted state. We all have our own personal crucifixion stories. Are you ready to begin your ascending one? Are you ready to participate in creating your own version of heaven on earth?

So, at this inspiring time of spring, I pray that all of us will slow down a little bit. Find a chick to watch or a spring leaf unfolding, or feel the sun getting warmer on your face. It only takes a moment. And as you do, perhaps you too will feel a gentle, benevolent presence right there at the door of your soul, offering you an Easter basket filled with the treasure of your own original nature.

Blessings of love


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